Leverage Nearshore Talent Across All Project Phases to Increase Efficiency

Nearshore OutsourcingDid you know that nearshore staffing resources operate within your hemisphere, giving you a client experience based on a similar time zone, language and culture?

Plus, nearshore staffing operates with a 30 - 40% cost of comparable local resources?

Our "Leverage Nearshore Talent Across All Project Phases to Increase Efficiency" white paper will cover the critical steps and phases involved in a Nearshore project, including the following topics:

    • Team composition tips
    • Importance of a successful analysis & discovery phase
    • Best practices for the design phase 
    • How to maximize the local/Nearshore team blend in the development phase
    • What you need to execute the validation phase
    • How the release & adoption phase can drive the technical development activity
    • The three tiers of support & maintenance

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