Application Development Case Studies

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Management Solution Case Study

Project: Business Development Funds Management Solution

Description: The client needed to standardize fund management across all of its subsidiaries in a way that would allow them to simplify the application process and gain visibility into the fund’s impact on their business growth and development.


Usage Tracker & Reporting Case Study

Project: Capturing document, dashboard and website usage metrics and reporting program. 

Description: The client deploys multiple websites, scorecards, and Excel dashboards to provide vital business intelligence to various roles and geographies, but had no way to determine who was using them, where the users were coming from, and when they were hitting these sites.

Without this data, the client had no information on which sites were adding value for users and providing a return on the investment involved in creating and maintaining them.  


Windows 8 Notification Engine Case Study

Project:  Stay connected with personalized notifications anywhere, anytime.

Description: The client needed to make both corporate and field employees aware of critical issues, sales opportunities, and other alerts or action items that arose from several different systems within the corporate network, including sales pipeline, critical situations and incentive compensation. Employees needed to be able to receive real-time information without depending solely on email or a connection to the corporate network, as many field employees relied heavily on their Windows 8 phones and wanted to be updated when not in front of their computer or laptop. The client also needed to make sure employees would not be overwhelmed with constant updates from a variety of systems that might not all be relevant to their role or distributable via email.